About the Healthy Cooking Series Public Classes

About the Healthy Cooking Class Series

Whole, Plant-Based, Delicious!

This newly expanded series of cooking classes explores many angles of whole and plant-based foods, making eating well practical, fuss-free in preparation and with tastier results! Baking classes include techniques on how to achieve creaminess without dairy, how to bake using alternatives to eggs, refined sugar and butter.

All new classes include nutrition-focused classes including Anti-Inflammatory Eating, Get Peppy: Eating for Energy, Fuel Your Kid: Plant-Powered Back-To-School Meals and more! All classes are instructional, include hands-on, tasting and original recipes.

These classes are a good fit for you if:

  • 'Organic' is an automatic preference or requirement for you.
  • You are vegan or vegetarian and interested in learning how to wow your friends with seriously sophisticated but 'unrefined' foods.
  • You are including more plant foods in your diet for nutrient-density or ethical reasons.
  • You, or someone you love to cook for has allergies which restrict refined sugar, meat, eggs, wheat or dairy.
  • Already practiced at conventional baking and cooking, you want to move the the next level, learning how to substitute common ingredients. 
  • As a total newbie in the kitchen, you are attracted to eating wholesome foods and want to get some real-life experience with new ingredients. 

To Register

Click here and hit 'Tickets' button on the top right of the page. The payment options include package deals with great savings for purchasing 4 classes or all of them. 'Rooted Nutrition' credit for transferred or credited classes can be used towards these classes.

Contact us if you have any questions or if you prefer to pay by another method than online. 


(GST and ticket fee are in addition to prices. To AVOID ticket fee, email me at rootednutrition@gmail.com and we can circumvent the ticketing system by email invoicing instead.)

Single Class Ticket- $75/class

4-Class Package- $65/class ($160 total)

All-In Class Package (12 Classes)- $50/class ($600 total)


Classes are from 10am-1pm
Located in our Learning Kitchen at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in Kitsilano, Vancouver 

Sept 10- Fuel Your Kid: Plant-Powered Back-To-School Meals with Guest Instructor Jasmine

Sept 17- Make it Last- Preserving in the Whole-foods Kitchen with Guest Instructor Lexi

Sept 24- Quick and Healthy Dinner for the Entire Family with Guest Instructor Jasmine

Oct 1- Nut-Based Cheese-Making with Guest Instructor Lexi

Oct 15- Cookies and Bars with Guest Instructor Lexi

Oct 22- Muffins, Cakes and Loaves with Guest Instructor Lexi

Oct 29- Desserts with Guest Instructor Lexi

Nov 12- Wholegrain Sourdough Bread with Guest Instructor Lexi  

Nov 13- Get Peppy: Boost your Energy with Food with Guest Instructor Jasmine

Nov 19- Autumn Plant-Based Brunch Cooking Class with Guest Instructor Jasmine

Nov 26- Raw Sweetness with Guest Instructor Lexi

Dec 3- Anti-Inflammatory Eating with Guest Instructor Jasmine

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* Please note, that while we take precautions to warn of potential allergens and to maintain safe kitchen practices that prevent cross contamination from occurring, our kitchen is a shared facility, and so we cannot guarantee absolute absence of potential allergens from food. If you have a severe allergy, please contact us before the class to assure that we can accommodate you. 
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